Welcome to Holiday Asia

Seeing your guest numbers declining year on year ?
We have the solution!
Let Holiday Asia manage your guest booking experience.


Seeing your guest numbers declining year on year?

  • Our core market is in the wellness and health orientated clients.
  • We will visit your property and capture its best moments.
  • We will assist you in providing unique guest experiences and package these for our clients.

You as the property owner will only need to meet and great and host a fabulous guest experience, Holiday Asia will take care of all booking and marketing needs.

Special Partnership Arrangements

Our ‘special partnership arrangements’ allows you to do what you are best at and leave the hassle of guest acquisition to us.

We specialise in taking your rustic and making it cool. We only choose to manage unique destinations and locations in SE Asia that we feel we can package to our clients.

A working agreement with Holiday Asia means guaranteed year round rental at a mutually agreed rate.

If you feel you want a working partner – please contact us with your property location and size and unique attractions